Tinnitus Sound Therapy / Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (MP3-Download)


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Tinnitus Sound Therapy / Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (MP3-Download)

• Do you experience an annoying beeping, whistling, and hissing in your ears? • Do insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, or depression also trouble you? Once you have been diagnosed with tinnitus, you will be wondering: What can I do about it? What will work for me? These applications are based on the latest emerging knowledge from retraining therapy and use state-of-the-art audio processing to mask the effects of tinnitus. The underlying principle is quite simple: The soundscapes (60 minutes each) effectively reduce the dominance of the tinnitus in the auditory system and in many cases also teach the brain to permanently suppress the disturbing noise. The tinnitus is masked and “blocked out” by the brain so it is no longer a disruption. All you need is: • Your smartphone, notebook or tablet; • One of the six soundscapes in excellent audio quality, specially developed for tinnitus masking; • High-quality stereo headphones: Be sure to use products with good sound reproduction. This simple and highly effective method allows you to push the tinnitus into the background and counteract obsessive fixation on the noise. At the same time, you are reducing the stressful physical and psychological reaction to the tinnitus. CONTENTS: Short introduction (3 min.), followed by six certified soundscapes (60 minutes each), gently fading in at the beginning and fading out at the end. A totally safe and very effective method to acutely and permanently reduce the impact of tinnitus. What our customers say: Cynthia***** Malibu, USA I am so grateful for this sound meditation/therapy! When my tinnitus seems worse, I play this with headphones and meditate with such relief! Thank you! Regina***** Meppel, the Netherlands Great, it really reliefs my tinnitus. Maria De Lourdes Trujillo Cano ***** Santiago de Chile Muchas gracias, hoy amanecí con un tinnitus ensordecedor, su arreglo y composición musical me ha mejorado mucho. Neil***** Leeds, GB First I couldn’t believe it: It’s like a magic trick – it works!

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